Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weddings of Vegas - For a completely unique Wedding.

Just when you presumed it would never happenit did.

Not for the fainthearted, Gothic Marriages offers a strange twist on a timeless service. Aladdin Marriage Chapel of Vegas will let you escape the common-or-garden to married in a lovely setting styled in Mediterranean design. A front altar is trapped on the walls with heavy wine-colored drapes. A central embroidered rug runs the length of the floor from front to back. Or you can choose the Sorcery Carpet Ride package for a fantasy-based trip to the Orient for your marriage. Click here If youd like stories about eiffel tower vases for rent. You may also enter a contest for an opportunity at a free marriage to be held at the Aladdin Chapel. The adjoining hotel provides guest rooms and a casino for before-and-after entertainment and accommodations. You may need to practice dressing with veils and scarves to give your marriage a real Eastern flavour, though this could be a better idea for the bridesmaids than the bride.

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