Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The right way to Sell Stills Online Today - discover how Simple it is to Sell Your Pictures For a reasonable profit.

What better person to have for a raving fan? There is, however, one thing better than a customer who is a raving fan. There's only 1 thing better than a customer who is a raving fan and that's to have someone that is connecting with your possible clients on a regular basis as a raving fan. In the photographers case that might be the reception centre, the limo company, the caterer, the cake company, the dress designer etc. Step 1 is to spot the companies which share your audience. Cheap eiffel tower vases. Other companies which form part of your supply chain e. Other firms who can simply identify clients with the issues you decipher. You might already have pictures worth thousands of greenbacks, for that reason you should try and sell your photographs to the top stock photo agencies in the world.

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