Wednesday, May 19, 2010


As 2 starving students in Austin, Texas, we realized fast arranging a marriage was a darn costly endeavour. We wanted to learn how to save cash but still have a pleasant marriage without getting ripped off.

Bridal Bargains, our first marriage book, was the results of that effort it was first released in 1990 and now is in its 7th edition, with half a million copies sold. This is a really good item on the subject of eiffel tower glass vases. Concentrate on those contributors when doing the planning for your own marriage. A variety of the top restaurants makes this a winner year around. Norm : have you got any tips as to how couples can get the greatest value for their dollar when they're honeymooning? Denise and Alan : 2 words : shoulder season. What about April? In the Caribbean, you can find wonderful deals in the shoulder season after Easter but before summer holiday times. Hawaii is most cost-effective rate after New Year's till mid March, when spring break crowds end deals. Deals also abound in Hawaii in the autumn, from Work Day till just before Xmas .

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