Friday, February 5, 2010

Poor Small Rabbit : The Runaway Bride.

Do what will make you and your visitors ecstatic.

To plan for your reception, you want first to understand.

Maybe you may marry in a romantic dawn rite followed by a breakfast reception. What about an early afternoon marriage followed by a beach barbeque? Plan exciting pastimes like a sand castle building contest or a volleyball game. Frosted eiffel tower vases.

Smorgasboard or food station receptions lend themselves very well to informal beach marriages and are the most fun.

You can simply coordinate this kind of reception yourself and dump the added cost of a caterer. Those special ladies in your circle of relatives who like to cook would be honored to help with this project I'll bet. Heck, knowing "Aunt Jo" and "Grandma", they will most likely take over and you will not have to fret about a thing. The airwaves crackle with talk about the Georgia girl who just could not face her long-planned marriage. What is the problem? Her fiance states that he loves her and wants to wed her. The families' pride will finally be revived and their humiliation rubbed out. When a person drops out now, we presume foul play as we are so inured to its event. Or is there an obscure statute somewhere that proscribes us from shipping out with no notice and no apology? If we're not avoiding liabilities or crimes, why can't we are going wherever we want? Our society is so arranged and our identities so rigidly bound with numbers and private history that we cannot escape ourselves. Wherever we are going, we will be traced : social security numbers, names, dates of birth, checking account numbers, fingerprint archives, Web droppings, medical and dental records. Where does it stop? Communication and intelligence-sharing is required for security purposes but just how deep into our personal lives should Big Bro intrude? Private liberty means the liberty to be ourselves, to go wherever, and do whatever, we'd like so long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. She seems like a shocked rabbit looking for a method to bolt - and ultimately she probably did. Poor small rabbit, you did not get really far, did you? The infrequent urge to escape, to run off to join the circus, to tie up our products in a headband on a stick and set off to see the world, tempts each one of us at certain times.

Cindy English is the publisher of Beach-Wedding-Themes. Com where you may find ideas for beach marriage themes fully loaded with fun, fantasy and love.

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